Rosendo Mateu No.2 Citrus Wood Suede Leather – Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

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This fragrance opens with a note of wild, aromatic anise, conifers such as pine and juniper. These accompany and complement to perfection, the clean fresh smell of lavender essence with its base of cut hay in the fields of the French Provence.The middle note is a floral nuance; green, rose and minted geranium leaves in accord with soapy clean notes of orange blossom (Bitter orange). In addition, the observer will notice a background of wood, amber, chocolate, tobacco, musk and sandalwood nuances, with cedar and patchouli playing with the sensual incorporation of a woody – leathery smell from OUD wood.Forest moss and musk notes give an important hold and appeal to the fragrance. Although widely used in men’s fragrances, Rosendo Mateu’s Fougère is used in this version with a nod to women, focusing on its fresh and natural floral tasty aspect.